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Equaliteam is an online tool that helps groups, like families or households, manage recurring chores together.

Designed specifically to include equal cooperation in the planning of repetitive tasks, from daily housework to annual obligations, Equaliteam tracks and distributes chores fairly and equally among users that are registered together on a team.

Register today and invite others, like those in your household, to be part of a team and find your chore-life balance.

  1. Whenever you notice something that needs doing you may create or activate a task in Equaliteam
  2. Equaliteam will assign tasks to team members using a clever algorithm that keeps balance over time
  3. Check your Equaliteam dashboard daily to see any tasks currently assigned to you
  4. Mark your tasks as completed in Equaliteam when done
  5. Equaliteam will learn how often your team completes tasks and can activate them for you automatically

Equaliteam is a web app that you can add as a shortcut on your home screen, or bookmark in your browser. No need to download a full app, just log in using a web browser on your device and then add your shortcut!